Diva Challenge #320 – Dansk (UMT)

Diva Challenge #320 Entry
Tangles: Dansk and Vivid

This week we have another Use My Tangle (UMT) challenge from Laura Harms.  The chosen tangle is Dansk by Margaret Bremner CZT. Dansk is fun to draw and makes  a great filler pattern. It reminds me a lot of Verve and Sand Swirl. Thank you for another great challenge! And thanks to Margaret for such a pretty and versatile pattern!

For my piece I decided to make a Zendala which would consist of an inner and outer band. For the center I chose Vivid by Ina Sonnenmoser because I thought it would be a good companion tangle for Dansk. And obviously I used Dansk for the outer band.

After inking the Zendala I thought it would be pretty to include some color. I used Tombow dual brush markers to color in the drop/petal shapes in both the Dansk and Vivid sections. Lastly I added in the shading. I’m happy with the resulting tile!

I’d like to also share with you that I found a handy gadget for drawing circles. It’s an Angle & Circle Maker by Helix which I found on Amazon.com (although I would assume it can be found at other office supply stores). This circle maker fits a standard size Zendala tile perfectly! I used it to make the above tile and it worked really well.

Thank you for visiting!


Diva Challenge #319 – BEad INSPIRED

Tile for Diva Challenge #319
BEad INSPIRED: Echoism, Beadlines, Eke

The call for this week’s Diva challenge is to take inspiration from Beads of Courage in creating a tile (visit the link to learn more about it). This program gives children with chronic or serious illnesses a way to chronicle their “medical journey”. They are given different types of beads which symbolize various aspects of their specific course of care. Beads of Courage is clearly something that is near and dear to Laura’s heart. What a wonderful way to honor this “arts in medicine” program for children by representing it through Zentangle art!

My first thought was to draw Beadlines to represent the beads, but after thinking about it some more I wanted to use Echoism — so I ended up combining the two tangles. For the finishing touches I added a frame of Eke and shading.



Diva Challenge #318 – Diptych

Diva Challenge #231 Entry
Diptych tangle: Printemps, Viaduct, and Sand Swirl

The challenge from the Diva this week is to create a diptych tile.  What is a diptych you ask? To quote Laura Harms on her blog: “A diptych is two panels joined with a hinge – and the panels are mirrored – and i use the term ‘mirrored’ loosely.”

Previously I had encountered the term “diptych” in connection with photographs. Frequently they are presented as side-by-side photos which are related in some way (for example, “Before and After” pictures). The idea of tangling a diptych was something new and interesting!

For my tile I used Sand Swirl as the hinge to unify the two sides. In the middle I drew rows of Viaduct and mirrored them on the other side. Lastly I filled in the remaining areas with Printemps in “mirrored” fashion and added shading.

Thanks to the Diva for another great Zentangle challenge!

Diva Challenge #317 – Photo Tangle

Diva Challenge #317 Entry
Tile for Diva Challenge #317. Photo credit: https://wallpaperscraft.com/

The Diva’s challenge for this week is to create a photo tangle. The idea is to use a photo as the string and then tangle around the image.

Initially I thought I’d look for a photo of a model with curly or long hair. It seemed like it would be interesting to draw tangles to extend the hair outward to fill up the tile. As I searched online I found this photo and thought it would be perfect for this project. The tangles included are AHH, Queens Crown, and Telis.

I really enjoyed this challenge. It was a fun change of pace.


Double Diva Challenges: #315 and #316

Diva Challenge #315 Entry
Tile for Diva Challenge #315

I’m late in posting my tile due to a very hectic schedule last week. The challenge for last week was a study of Molygon, an official tangle. The step out is available here.

Molygon is a fun and versatile pattern and you really can do a lot with it. I decided to keep mine simple and loose, and I added shading consistently to the “insides” to help make the moon shapes stand out more.  Thanks for this opportunity to explore Molygon further! Continue reading

Diva Challenge #314 – Scallamp

This week’s Diva Challenge #314 is another Use My Tangle (UMT) challenge. For this one we are asked to create a tile using Scallamp by Sarah Uram, CZT. A step out is available here on Sarah’s blog Zen and Zin.

Scallamp reminds me of shallots for some reason. Anyway, I had a little trouble with this new tangle. The main problem was in keeping the wavy parts reasonably symmetrical. I also think the ends are too wide on the central tangle. The lines should be closer together, and I didn’t do the c-curves correctly. But overall I think my first attempt at Scallamp looks pretty good. I will have to practice, practice, practice! Thanks to the Diva for another good challenge. Continue reading

Arts Classes Galore

Sorry to say that I’ve been absent here on my blog for the past couple of months. Following the completion of the Mandala Magic workshop (see previous posts), and also a busy holiday season, I found myself signing up for a Premium membership on Skillshare.com (referral link at the end of this post). Suffice it to say that I went a little wild taking a bunch of different design related courses! I’m very glad that I did, and I’ve learned a great deal.

For each class that you take on Skillshare you are invited to complete a project to demonstrate the new skills that you’ve learned as a result of taking the class. I’d like to share some of my projects here. There are more in process and I will add them to this post later on. Continue reading

Mandala Magic – Flower of Life

The final lesson of the 5 Days of Mandala Magic workshop concerned sacred geometry. We were introduced to the Flower of Life design, which simply put, consists of a series of same size circles being placed at regular, overlapping intervals. Very cool and quite pretty! Thanks to Julie for some fascinating information on this element of design!

Geometric mandala
Flower of Life Mandala #5DaysMM

The exercise was to create a mandala featuring the the flower of life design. For my mandala I used a black Sakura Pigma Micron 01 pen to do the inking. Coloring was accomplished using Tombow Retro dual brush pens. At the centers of the flower elements I used a silver Pilot G2 metallic gel pen for nice highlights.

While I’m late in posting here on the blog, I uploaded this same mandala to my Instagram account back in November.



Mandala Magic – Hamsa Mandala

In the next day of the 5 Days of Mandala Magic workshop we learned about the symbolism of the Hand and the meaning of Five. Very interesting! The hamsa (hand) form is a protection  symbol which has significance across many cultures. The hamsa symbol features five digits (thus the symbolism of the 5). To create a hamsa you can either trace your hand (the simplest way), or do a more stylized form (as I chose for my mandala).

The exercise was to create a mandala featuring the hamsa symbol. For my design I wanted to go with a henna style. Use of a Renaissance zendala tile seemed appropriate. I also  thought use of a sienna Sakura Pigma Micron 01 pen was perfect. Shading was done using a white pencil. Continue reading

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