Diva Challenge #320 – Dansk (UMT)

Diva Challenge #320 Entry
Tangles: Dansk and Vivid

This week we have another Use My Tangle (UMT) challenge from Laura Harms.  The chosen tangle is Dansk by Margaret Bremner CZT. Dansk is fun to draw and makes  a great filler pattern. It reminds me a lot of Verve and Sand Swirl. Thank you for another great challenge! And thanks to Margaret for such a pretty and versatile pattern!

For my piece I decided to make a Zendala which would consist of an inner and outer band. For the center I chose Vivid by Ina Sonnenmoser because I thought it would be a good companion tangle for Dansk. And obviously I used Dansk for the outer band.

After inking the Zendala I thought it would be pretty to include some color. I used Tombow dual brush markers to color in the drop/petal shapes in both the Dansk and Vivid sections. Lastly I added in the shading. I’m happy with the resulting tile!

I’d like to also share with you that I found a handy gadget for drawing circles. It’s an Angle & Circle Maker by Helix which I found on Amazon.com (although I would assume it can be found at other office supply stores). This circle maker fits a standard size Zendala tile perfectly! I used it to make the above tile and it worked really well.

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