Double Diva Challenges: #315 and #316

Diva Challenge #315 Entry
Tile for Diva Challenge #315

I’m late in posting my tile due to a very hectic schedule last week. The challenge for last week was a study of Molygon, an official tangle. The step out is available here.

Molygon is a fun and versatile pattern and you really can do a lot with it. I decided to keep mine simple and loose, and I added shading consistently to the “insides” to help make the moon shapes stand out more.  Thanks for this opportunity to explore Molygon further!

And now on to this week’s Diva challenge. The theme is revisitation of String Theory: Stripes.

Diva Challenge #316 Entry
Tile for Diva Challenge #316

The idea of course is to use stripes as the string. The stripes can be any width, they don’t have to be uniform, and they can curve or be straight.

In my tile I went with diagonal stripes of varying widths and amount of curvature. The tangles included are C-Six (Mei Hua Teng, CZT), Onamato, Hua (Mei Hua Teng, CZT), Lollywimple (Sandy Hunter, CZT), Tropicana (Kate Ahrens, CZT), Antique (Kathy Barringer, CZT), and Nouvart (Ria Matheussen, CZT).

This was a very fun challenge! It was difficult to decide on which patterns to feature — there are so many great tangles to choose from out there.

12 thoughts on “Double Diva Challenges: #315 and #316”

  1. Very nice Molygon tile, uncomplicated but interesting with beautiful shadowing.
    About the tile for this week, I like the composition and the chosen tangles, especially Nouvart (LOL) thank you very much for using, all the patterns are drawn very well and I like the shading and contrasts.

    1. Thank you, Ria! I really like Nouvart. This was the first time that I’d drawn it, and I look forward to using in more tangles in the future.

  2. I love your tile. Your line quality is very delicate and light. I love the tangles you chose. Not to get too representational, but it looks like an opera house or a theater with all the balconies and the boxes and the tangles are the elegant people sitting in them.

    1. Many thanks Mary! Hmm, I hadn’t thought about it resembling a theater or opera house, but yes, I see what you mean. What a fun idea. 🙂

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