Diva Challenge #253 – Molygon

Diva Challenge #253 Entry
Tile for Diva Challenge #253 (Tangle: Molygon)

Molygon was recently announced as the newest tangle in the official Zentangle newsletter from Rick and Maria. To give tanglers an opportunity to try out this brand new pattern, the Diva has selected it for this week’s Diva Challenge #253. A step out is available here. To keep up with the latest news, be sure to sign up to receive the official Zentangle newsletter here.

I found Molygon to be both easy and not so easy. The shape is simple (like a crescent moon), and yet not so simple. The main things to keep in mind are, I think, the spacing you want between the shapes, as well as how large and thick you want the shapes to be.

For my tile I wanted sort of a kaleidoscopic feel, and to evoke the image of a flower. For better or worse, this is what I came up with. On a special, personal note I want to say that my daughter (a college student) watched me shading my tile, and then asked if I would give it to her to keep. She said she loved the floral look! This made me amazingly happy, and of course I gave her the tile when I was finished. Ah, the power and serenity to Zen!


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