“It’s A String Thing” #108

It's A String Thing #108 Tile
Tile for It’s A String Thing #108 with Printemps, Cubine, Lanie, and Chemystery

In “It’s A String Thing” challenge #108 we are asked to use string 108 (by CZT Joan Delony) from TanglePatterns. It is a squares within squares sort of string which naturally makes one think of grid patterns. The tangles of choice this time are Cubine, Lanie, Chemystery, and/or Printemps.

The challenge was a lot of fun! I hadn’t drawn Cubine in a while  so it felt good to get back to basics for a bit. Chemystery was new to me (I had seen the pattern before but hadn’t used it in a tangle yet) and I found it interesting to draw. I love the look of Lanie all together so I placed the tangle inside the smallest square. Lastly I used large and small spirally Printemps to form a frame.


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