Embracing White Space

Diva Challenge #229 tile
My tile for Diva challenge 229, with Henna Drum, XYP, and Lanie.

Sandy Hunter, CZT is the guest blogger for this week’s diva challenge. We are asked to create a tile that features white space so that the eye can rest. It is true that we often do want to fill up every part of a string with tangles. This is fun but can also result in a tile which is too busy. White (negative) space is good.

When I began I was going to have a monogram where the letter was blank, surrounded by different patterns. (Thanks for the suggestion, Sandy! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and hadn’t gotten around to it.) After I got going I decided to place Henna Drum flowers along the curves of my monogram. I thought it would work better to fill in the letter S with color, and have negative space surrounding it. While I’m pleased with the result, I think I will try to find some color pens that are more nuanced. My blue pen seems a tad too dark for this purpose.

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