Black and White Photos – Day One

Well, I couldn’t help but notice that various friends, colleagues, and family members of mine were posting black and white photos on Facebook for a seven day challenge.

I found many of their posts to be very beautiful and inspiring! As a result I became quite intrigued by the task at hand, and decided to jump into the fray.

I happen to believe that black and white photography can be truly amazing (for example, think of a photographic artist such as Ansel Adams, and others). Breathtaking work! Never underestimate the aesthetic impact of a purely tonal image! Nobody tagged me on Facebook to participate, but I decided to enter the challenge of my own accord.

Rules: No people, no explanation… and one photo per day (from my life).

Starting today, I will post one black and white photo for the next seven days. All of these are photos which were personally taken by me.  None contain any people. Further, they are all recent photos. Most were taken within the past two to six months or so; but I will include a couple of photos (which I really like) that I took in 2016.

I argue that if I take a photo then it IS a part of my actual life, yes? At the very least these are images that have some sort of personal resonance.

Day One

Nandina Plant with Berries
Nandina Plant with Berries




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