New Tangleation: Palmetta?

Hello fellow Tanglers! As a student of Anthropology,  and a fan of ancient Greek culture, and also as a budding artist I would like to introduce…

A possible Tangleation:

Palmetta pattern
New tanglation: Palmetta

I’ve been playing around with this pattern (or motif) for a while now. It is very recognizable to those who practice Zentangle (consider Lanie, Balo, etc.); but as far as I have found, the design has primarily been used as a grid pattern.

In addition, my research has shown that the design in question is based on the Anthemion motif from ancient Greece. In turn the Anthemion motif was a representation of the Palmetto plant in that part of the world. So, I have repeatedly noticed and enjoyed drawing those Zentangle grid patterns which incorporate the Greek motif Anthemion. And yet I hadn’t seen it used as an individual “flower” motif.  So, I set out to differentiate it in a way. I liked the idea of presenting anthemion as a solo flower, and/or as something that would make a lovely border. And thus, I present Palmetta. (I will add a step-out soon).

To my fellow Zentangle enthusiasts…  might this pattern also work as a more free form or singular flower pattern? I await your comments and thoughts. Please use the comment form on the Contact page. Thank you so much!

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