New Tangleation: Palmetta?

Hello fellow Zentanglers!

As a fan of ancient Greek culture and also a happy tangler I would like to introduce a possible new tangleation. I’ve been playing around with this pattern for a while now. As you will see it is related to tangles like Lanie and Balo, but as far as I have found, the basic design primarily has been used as a grid pattern.

Apparently this familiar design used in various tangles is based on the Anthemion motif from ancient Greece. It was a representation of the Palmetto plant in that part of the world. In examples of ancient Greek art I noticed cases of the motif appearing as  an individual “flower.”  I thought it would be fun to adapt the solo flower for use as a tangle. It can also be repeated to make a lovely border.

And so I present Palmetta. (I will add a step-out soon).

Palmetta pattern
New tanglation: Palmetta

So what do you think? Might this pattern also work as a more free form or singular flower pattern? And would it qualify as a tangleation? I look forward to reading any comments you’d like to share.

2 thoughts on “New Tangleation: Palmetta?”

  1. I like Palmetta in your sample above and I do think that it works well as a singular motif. It could be embellished many different ways as far as I can see. Please post the stepouts when you are able as I am curious how you have broken it down. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Lezli! I’m happy that you like Palmetta. It is pretty versatile. I’ll give you a shout when I get the stepouts posted. Thanks again!

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