Mandala Magic – Flower of Life

The final lesson of the 5 Days of Mandala Magic workshop concerned sacred geometry. We were introduced to the Flower of Life design, which simply put, consists of a series of same size circles being placed at regular, overlapping intervals. Very cool and quite pretty! Thanks to Julie for some fascinating information on this element of design!

Geometric mandala
Flower of Life Mandala #5DaysMM

The exercise was to create a mandala featuring the the flower of life design. For my mandala I used a black Sakura Pigma Micron 01 pen to do the inking. Coloring was accomplished using Tombow Retro dual brush pens. At the centers of the flower elements I used a silver Pilot G2 metallic gel pen for nice highlights.

While I’m late in posting here on the blog, I uploaded this same mandala to my Instagram account back in November.



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