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Sorry to say that I’ve been absent here on my blog for the past couple of months. Following the completion of the Mandala Magic workshop (see previous posts), and also a busy holiday season, I found myself signing up for a Premium membership on (referral link at the end of this post). Suffice it to say that I went a little wild taking a bunch of different design related courses! I’m very glad that I did, and I’ve learned a great deal.

For each class that you take on Skillshare you are invited to complete a project to demonstrate the new skills that you’ve learned as a result of taking the class. I’d like to share some of my projects here. There are more in process and I will add them to this post later on.

Watercolor Textures for Graphic Design

In this class taught by Teela Cunningham we learned how to make our own watercolor textures. We also were instructed on how to scan, edit, and enhance the vibrancy of our watercolors. Lastly we discovered how to make seamless patterns from our textures. Watercolor textures are very beautiful and can be used in a variety of different types of graphics. Logos featuring these textures are quite popular these days. Teela also offers a class in watercolor branding.


Tequila Sunrise watercolor texture
Watercolor texture with colors enhanced in Photoshop.
Green and Blue Watercolor Texture
Green watercolor texture with blue streak
Aquamarine Watercolor Gradient Texture
Aquamarine Watercolor Gradient Texture

Complex Pattern Swatches

In this class with Helen Bradley, we learned how to create complex patterns using vector illustrations. This class is part of Helen’s Photoshop for Lunch series. In my project I used a set of zoo animal vectors from It was a lot of fun to learn how to make this type of tileable pattern.


Zoo Animals Pattern
Seamless pattern of zoo animals.

As you may have noticed, I love mandalas, zendalas, and any other sorts of -dalas! In another Photoshop for Lunch class taught by Helen Bradley, we learned how to make mandalas in Photoshop CC. As fun as it is to draw mandalas by hand, I had wanted to find out how to make them in Photoshop. This class offered the perfect opportunity to learn how!

In addition to the process of making a mandala design in Photoshop, we learned how to add gradients and textures, and also how to invert a mandala design — allowing for almost limitless variation of effects.


Mandala made in Photoshop with gradient applied. Colorburn blend mode.
Mandala created in Photoshop CC. Inverse with colorburned gradient.

As I said earlier, I have taken additional classes too, and am working on projects demonstrating those skills. I will add them to this post when they are completed.

I have a referral link for anyone interested in taking advantage of an offer of 3 months of Skillshare Premium for $0.99. It is a limited time offer, so click here if you want to find out more! (I will receive credit for any referrals in the form of additional free months on Skillshare).

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