Mandala Magic – Hamsa Mandala

In the next day of the 5 Days of Mandala Magic workshop we learned about the symbolism of the Hand and the meaning of Five. Very interesting! The hamsa (hand) form is a protection  symbol which has significance across many cultures. The hamsa symbol features five digits (thus the symbolism of the 5). To create a hamsa you can either trace your hand (the simplest way), or do a more stylized form (as I chose for my mandala).

The exercise was to create a mandala featuring the hamsa symbol. For my design I wanted to go with a henna style. Use of a Renaissance zendala tile seemed appropriate. I also  thought use of a sienna Sakura Pigma Micron 01 pen was perfect. Shading was done using a white pencil.

Hamsa Mandala
Hamsa Mandala #5DaysMM

Visualizing an intuitive grid, I drew my hamsa shape using a sienna pen. In keeping with a “henna” look I chose to include the tangle Henna Drum within each of the middle three fingers. In the center of the palm I drew a lotus flower (not a very good one), and featured the all-seeing eye motif prominently in the middle. Mirror image tear shapes and dots are featured on either side of the central lotus flower (note the repeating five motif). Underneath the lotus flower I included both a star and moon shape as well.

As a frame for the piece I drew a ring of lotus shapes and filled them in. Also I shaded the frame ring in white pencil.



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