Mandala Magic – Concentric Circles Mandala

As I discussed in my previous post, I recently participated in the Five Days of Mandala Magic workshop with Julie Gibbons. The next exercise was to make a concentric circles mandala. As pointed out in the workshop, the construction of a concentric circles grid is a bit easier than that used for the lotus flower pattern.  Drawing concentric circles of varying depths allows for a lot of variation and originality. My mandala was done in black and white, using a basic zendala tile with the patterns drawn with a black Sakura Pigma Micron 01 pen.

Starting in the center I made a spiral. Going outwards from the middle to the next two rings I drew orbs and filled u-shaped loops respectively. Next I included a ring of parallel lines which looked like a series of bars going around the circle. For the penultimate ring I went with the tangle pattern Hua by Mei Hua Teng CZT. In the outermost ring I drew a pattern of wavy C-shapes.

I’m not sure if this mandala can also be considered a Zendala, but it certainly has elements thereof. I like how it turned out!

Concentric Circles Mandala
Concentric Circles Mandala #5DaysMM



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