JazzFest 2016 in New Orleans

My husband and I recently returned from attending JazzFest 2016 in New Orleans. It was the first time we’ve visited the city since prior to Hurricane Katrina. We had a lot of fun listening to all of the music, eating delicious food, wandering around the French Quarter, and spending some quality time with my cousins.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate with us most of the time we were there. It rained a good bit on our first day and the fairgrounds were very muddy. The second day was sunnier and hotter, but it was still very muddy at the festival. And on the third day we went downtown to the Quarter rather than going back to JazzFest. We felt it was a good idea because more rain was predicted for the afternoon and evening. As it turned out there were torrential rains in the afternoon which caused flooding and the festival closed early.

I have some photographs to share. These photos were edited in Lightroom.

The Jazz and Heritage Stage

We milled around from stage to stage to sample the different styles of music. Note the mud.

Concession stands at JazzFest

We ate well at the festival!

Brennan’s restaurant

We didn’t eat at Brennan’s, but it is a familiar landmark with a pretty facade.

Walking down Royal Street

View looking down Royal Street.

French Quarter architecture

Colorful building with interesting grill work and hanging ferns.

Artists and shops at Jackson Square

It’s always interesting to see the arts and crafts on display around Jackson Square, and to people-watch.

Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral

I thought this vantage point which lined up the urn, statue, and St. Louis Cathedral made for a nice shot.

Cafe du Monde

Cafe au lait and beignets were a welcome treat in the afternoon.

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