Diva Challenge #252 – Tangle Within A Tangle

Diva Challenge #252 Entry
Tile for Diva Challenge #252 (Tangles: Rosewood, Lap)

This week’s Diva challenge is another in her String Theory series. The Diva is challenging participants to chose a tangle to use as a string, and then to tangle within that string. As she puts it, “it’s like Inception… but with tangles”.

After a reasonably thorough search through many existing tangles, I settled on Rosewood and Lap. Rosewood was originated by Sandra Strait and  a step out is available here on her blog. Lap comes to us from Lizzie Mayne. A step out can be found here.

I liked the idea of Rosewood as a frame, and then to have Lap in the center. Lap is a lot like Hollibaugh, but creates a cool woven effect. Thanks to the Diva for another fun challenge!



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