Diva Challenge #250 – Bringing It Back to the Old School

Diva Challenge #250 Entry
Tile for Diva Challenge #250 (8C, Finery, Paradox, Printemps)

For this week’s challenge the Diva asks participants to get back to the roots of Zentangle. As she notes in her blog post, the goal is a  “return to the ceremony” of tangling. Rather than debating what size tile to use, or to select a color, or any of that, the idea is to pay close attention to the process. After all, Zentangle is a mindful art form which improves focus and helps with relaxation.

Using a standard white 3.5″ square tile, black pen, and pencil, I created the above piece.  My string was simple and divided the area into triangles, squares, and rectangles. I had not drawn 8C before and wanted to try it. In the lower sections I chose to go with official tangles: Finery, Paradox, and Printemps.

As always, thanks to the Diva for another great challenge. Getting back to basics is always a good exercise.

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