Diva Challenge #246 – Monotangle Trees

Diva Challenge #246 Entry
Twiggy monotangle tree – Diva Challenge 246
Diva Challenge 246 Entry
Wist monotangle tree – Diva Challenge 246

Dilip Patel, CZT09 is the guest blogger for Diva Challenge #246. His challenge is to create monotangle trees as a way of artistically expressing and supporting the global need for afforestation. What a lovely challenge!

I made two tangles. My first tile features Twiggy, a pattern by Sandy Steen Bartholomew. I added the green branches to symbolize new growth.

My second tangle comes from my sketchbook. This monotangle features Wist by Shelly Beauch. The tree shape was modeled off of a Yoshino cherry tree that is in my front yard.

Thank you Dilip for such a meaningful and beautiful challenge this week!


18 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #246 – Monotangle Trees”

  1. Great trees, I used twiggy too but you have made it special with more branches and I like the green new growth .

  2. I like the simplicity of the first one and the symbolic new growth. I have never used Wist but I think I will start to use it now I’ve seen it in action, so to speak.

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