“It’s A String Thing” #117 – Sand

My entry for It's A String Thing Challenge #117
My entry for It’s A String Thing Challenge #117

For the “It’s A String Thing” #117 challenge we are to make a monotangle using Adele’s brand new pattern Sand.  Adele has created a specially designed string for this challenge (included in her post). A step out for the pattern Sand is available here.

Sand is a lovely circle grid pattern. I like how versatile this pattern can be. For this challenge I chose to make a grid that covered the entire tile, but tried to vary the styling for each of the “quadrants” indicated by the string. The portion in red is intended to represent the area covered by the circle in the string.

As always, thank you Adele for the opportunity to stretch my tangling skills! I enjoyed trying out Sand, and am pleased with my resulting tile.

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