Diva Challenge #244 – Tripoli Triptastic

Diva Challenge #244 Entry
Tangles include Tripoli, Diva Dance, Printemps, and Echoism

This week’s Diva challenge #244 is to create a tile using the official Zentangle pattern Tripoli. A step out for Tripoli is available here. The Diva explains that Tripoli has been somewhat of a challenging tangle for her, and she provides some hints for drawing the pattern. Her primary tip is to keep the spaces between the triangles the same. Consistency is important.

I have to admit that since beginning to tangle a year ago, Tripoli has been a rather elusive tangle for me. I have worked at it over time, and have seen some improvements with Tripoli, but still it never quite seemed to gel. At last the Diva’s tip really seemed to click for me.

With my tile I wanted to experiment with small Tripoli, medium Tripoli, equilateral Tripoli, and oblong Tripoli. While I am not entirely pleased with everything about this tangle, I am happy about how my groupings of Tripoli came out — especially the ones with oblong triangles. They are better than my previous attempts.

Thanks to the Diva for another fun and educational challenge!


14 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #244 – Tripoli Triptastic”

  1. I think you have Tripoli worked out now, and I like how you have incorporated it into your tile. It is strange how there are just the odd tangles which you slightly struggle with isn’t it. I was always ok with Tripoli but I struggle with Mooka and Verdigogh.

    1. Thank you, Tortoise! I have struggled with Mooka and Verdigogh as well. I’ve worked on Mooka a lot because I think it is very cool looking. I still have trouble maintaining a continuous line with it. As for Verdigogh, I’ll have to revisit that one. My first effort was sad indeed!

  2. Love your tripoli variations – and that you varied the sizes. Also really like how you filled the in-between spaces with circular, flowing lines/tangles to balance. Nicely done!

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