Diva Challenge #242 – Gourdgeous

Diva Challenge #242 Entry
My tile for Diva challenge 242 – Gourdgeous

In this week’s Diva challenge #242 we are given the opportunity to create a tile using the latest official tangle, Gourdgeous. A step out can be found here in the official Zentangle newsletter. Gourdgeous, as the name suggests, is a pattern which resembles a gourd. Very suitable for the autumn holidays!

So, I am later than I had hoped in posting my entry for this challenge. Part of the delay concerned my difficulty in “mastering” (and I’m really using the term loosely here) Gourdgeous. It took a fair amount of trial and error, but I think I more or less have it down now.  My other problem was that I was bothered by pain in my left thumb joint, wrist, and lower arm for a couple of days. I’m left handed and the only thing to do was to rest my hand until the pain subsided. Happily I can report that it is better now.

My tile includes a large, centrally placed Gourdgeous tangle, surrounded by a grid of sparkling Bales. Thanks Laura for another fun and challenging round!




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