Diva Challenge #241 – Stones and Ceremony

Diva Challenge #241 Entry
Tile for Diva Challenge #241

Diva challenge #241 features a guest post by Paula Bramante, CZT 15. The theme for this week is “Stones and Ceremony,” and we have the option to use a cairn template (provided) as a string for the challenge.  Paula’s post includes more details and examples (diva link above), which I encourage readers to check out.

When I went to see what this week’s Diva challenge is I was very happy to see the stack of stones theme. It’s a little funny but my current desktop background happens to be a photo of a pile of stones. I find it very serene and beautiful to look at, and it reminds me to relax. I also picked up an inexpensive Japanese rock garden at our local dollar store. It is in our living room and I’ve noticed how guests always seem to gravitate to it. Most of the time they will use the little rake to make patterns in the sand, and perhaps rearrange the stones. Very Zen!

For this challenge I used the recommended cairn template as the string. I decided to keep it simple and to use tangles that felt natural. Tangles included are Tipple, Sag, Diva Dance, Mod Box, Sand Swirl, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Printemps, Msst, and Nipa. Thank you for the interesting and meditative challenge, Paula!

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