Diva Challenge #232 – Audio vs. Betweed

Diva Challenge #232 Entry
Tile for Diva Challenge #232

The guest blogger for this week’s Diva challenge #232 is Holly Atwater, CZT. Holly is providing us with a Duo Challenge where we can choose between doing an audio challenge (available on her blog), or to create a tile featuring the official tangle Betweed, by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.

Life has been hectic for me the past couple of weeks. I’ve been busy getting my youngest off to college. At some point I want to try one (or maybe all three!) of the audio challenges, but I decided to go with the Betweed challenge. Thank you for a fun and interesting challenge with choices within choices, Holly!

4 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #232 – Audio vs. Betweed”

  1. Sidney… Your Betweed submission is so fresh and lovely! I adore it! Lovely line work!

    I completely understand how hectic it is for you right now! I hope that your “send off” of your youngest went well. It is a tough transition, isn’t it?!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the challenge and the choices available! Thank you for your kind words!

    1. Holly, thank you so much!

      Oh yes, it is a tough transition. Best wishes to you, too (hang in there!), and I hope your daughter has a wonderful freshman year!

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