Diva Challenge #230 – Let’s All Be ZenDivaDala

Diva Challenge 230 Zendala
Diva #230 Zendala with Kuke, Batumber, and Chambray.

The guest blogger for this week’s Diva challenge #230 is Erin Olson, CZT. Her blog, The Bright Owl, can be found here.

Erin has challenged us to create a Zendala tile this week. She has designed a special Zendala template which can be downloaded for use in this challenge (the download link is available at the Diva’s blog). A link to instructions on how to transfer the template to a tile is also provided in her post.

My tile includes the following tangles: Batumber, Chambray, and Kuke. Thank you for presenting us with this fun Zendala challenge, Erin!


22 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #230 – Let’s All Be ZenDivaDala”

  1. So many tangles, so little time. Even though I’ve become a CZT by attending the training seminar given by the Mother Ship, you used 3 tangles that are completely new to me. Your use of shading and negative white space make this a nicely unified composition.

  2. This is very original and beautiful! I have only ever seen Kuke, but not the other tangles you used, but they are all great together. It reminds me of that lovely raised embroidery you see on antique linens. Lovely!

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