Diva Challenge #228 – Natural, Organic

Tile for Diva Challenge 228
Tile for Diva Challenge #228

Cari Sultanik, CZT is the guest blogger for this week’s Diva challenge #228.  The challenge is to create a tile with a natural, organic feel. It was tough to choose which tangles to use but I finally settled on Dandi by Sandhya Manne, CZT and C-Yeah! by Denyse Jones, CZT.  Also included are AHH and Poke Leaf. The image that I had in my mind was of plants growing in a field. Thanks so much Cari for giving us this delightful challenge!

10 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #228 – Natural, Organic”

  1. Lovely tile – the way you’ve shaded looks to me like a garden glowing with the last of the sun’s rays. Dandi and C-Yeah are not familiar to me – I’ll have to look them up!

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